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To best support your ever-changing logistics matrix we are constantly evolving our Logistics Models to Suit your needs. Be they dedicated single services or shared Logistics resources.

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We Provide Fast and Easy Solutions To Solve Your Logistic Problems.

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We ensure Safety of your goods, making us your reliable Logistics partners.

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Our integrated logistics processes avoid delays and ensure on Time Cargo Deliveries.

Solutions We Provide

Freight Forwarding

Our solutions help companies export their products to international markets while minimizing the risks of Supply & Logistics...

3 PL

Regardless of which organization or carrier is handling your cargo, you'll always have full visibility of where it is through us...

Value Added Services

Your business and digital strategy should change according to your needs. Our value-added services will address your specific...

Why You Should Choose Us?

Our on going Service Improvement Process ensures On time deliveries and errorless schedule  implementation.

As a true logistics partner we can assist your organization develop and implement processes to align various logistics operations.

As a value-added logistics provider can help your organization develop best practices to develop synergies for improved performance and lowered supply chain costs.

Your true logistics partner Amco Cargo has extensive knowledge of the logistics industry to enable your organization ensure it receives the best Solution outcomes possible.

With an extensive network of global Shipping companies, Customs Consultants and Warehousing channels we are positioned to  meet your organization’s  extensive. logistics needs by circumventing time-consuming initiatives.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We Are Building Bridges Between Us and Our Clients

"We have been using Amco Cargo customs clearance services for many years now and we can't recommend them highly enough. They are always quick to reply to our emails and assist with our needs."
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"We are in an international business where we import many goods and often run into problems with customs legalities. Amco Cargo has been so helpful to me. I can always depend on them for efficient, reliable, affordable services."
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"I was having some trouble with my order which has to do with customs. I contacted Amco Cargo and they helped me out straight away. They were really nice and are now my go-to for international shipping."
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Our Objective is to offer futuristic Logistics Solution to you our customers

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We are a customer-driven organization that caters to the Logistics needs of our customers. We are optimists who Love to work with you to get you the best logistics solutions.